Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Make A New Resolution

Why Right Now Is The Best Time To Make A New Resolution

Didn’t resolutions die a death in January, along with everyone imaginable dying in 2016 and the unending articles about ‘deciding not to change for 2017’? Probably. I bet you can’t even remember what yours were, can you? I’m going to guess the diets, exercise, swearing less and doing more has either taken a hiatus or was left outside by the bin next to those tops that you meant to drop off at the charity shop. But if you think about it, today is actually the New Year.

We were all still drunk in January, or hungover, or waking from the slow food coma that encased us after Christmas, or irritable because we weren’t drinking or hangry because we were dieting. February was about being cold, gushing love, and not much else – this is when most of the resolutions took a hit. Then March, there’s an inkling of light on the horizon, but it’s kind of lost all motivation. It’s confused about what it’s doing, it’s going through changes – it’s basically the emotional teenager month of the year.

But today, now, this is the day for new beginnings.

It is now officially Spring. And without trying to sound too much like Jesus incarnate – Spring is LIFE. The lambs, the chicks, the ‘new in’ pages.

You can guarantee a slew of ‘Spring clean yourself’ articles are on their way to your inbox. Maybe you’ve already done a deep clean of your crevices and a heavy meditation sesh. Kudos. What I’m saying is, when you’re done scrubbing your brain down and rubbing motivational balm on your soul, take off the veritable marigolds, and make a promise to your new, refreshed self. The slate is clean, your house is clean. So. much. life. and. clean.

The beauty of this sentiment is, you don’t have to wait for Spring, or until your hair grows or until you can afford a new plate to decide that a change is necessary. Yes, Spring is about the wonders of babies and vitamin D and flowers petals smacking you in the face from the fresh breeze, so it makes sense to make a new resolution. But I’m also saying any time is a good time to pick yourself up and make promises to yourself.

Think back to January you, think how full of gusto that person was (for about two seconds until the food sweats or alcohol shakes kicked in again). Has much changed in the last three months? If it has, hot-damn, you’re good. If it hasn’t, that’s cool. You were too wrapped up in bacon covered sausages and hygge for re-inventing yourself. Maybe you did a bit, got bored and moved on, but at least you did some. Now, create more layers for yourself.

Think of your resolutions like a to-do list. You never just make one to-do list and when it’s done you think, “oop! Well, that’s me! I’ll just sit on the floor and not do anything because my list is done!” You make another list, and another.

Resolutionise your life – A rather catchy portmanteau I just made up, meaning to revolutionise your life through new resolutions.

We ambitiously tend to make a bunch of resolutions at the start of every year and then one by one they drop off. By about this time we plateau. So make one today and set a time frame for it. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Eat more green things
  • Make more time to be a good friend
  • Start a side hustle/course/learn something new

Now get your diary, journal, phone and flick to the date you think you’ll either have had enough and fancy a change, or have completed this goal, or feel like it will be cemented into your routine so much that you can take on another, then write down a new resolution on that day. Bite-size, manageable, do-able. Let’s keep that momentum going.

Always be resolutionising. And Happy New Year!

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