The Good Bits: Having a Baby and Shopping Consciously

The Good Bits: Having a Baby and Shopping Consciously

Hello and welcome to the good bits, a bi-monthly round-up of all the best things I’ve found/read/watched/liked/consumed on the internet and beyond this week. Some things make it to The Good Bits proper, but most are just things that are prescient, poignant, relatable, informative or entertaining that have stuck with me in passing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

What to read:

“At Weekends I Don’t See Anybody”: What It’s Like To Be Young & Lonely – Natalie Gil, Refinery 29. Christ, this hit a nerve. Every bit of this was just so relatable. As someone who has always found it hard to make (and keep) friends in such a big, scary and unfriendly city this piece really resonated. It’s frightening what we, as a generation, are facing and I’m so glad more people are speaking up and out about being ‘Generation Lonely’ and loneliness in general.

Deciding when to have a baby – Hannah Gale. Oh look, someone else is having a baby. Praise be, and another. The amount of baby announcements on the socials at the moment is about as frequent as avocado toast and wisteria backdrops aka a LOT. This has not only sparked the beginnings of wondering if I will ever have children and if I do when, if any, is the right time? Hannah delves into this topic, basing what she knows on her own experiences.

10 places to visit that look like fairytales – Sara D’Souza, Red Online. Constantly getting bitten by the travel bug? It’s a nasty little bugger, isn’t it? If you see yourself as some sort of Rapunzel or just fancy wandering cobbled streets with a book and breaking out into ‘little town, it’s a quiet village’ then this round-up of fairytale holiday destinations is for you.

Bumble BFF: Didn’t make friends, would recommend – by me! Shameful plug. As mentioned earlier I struggle to make and keep friends, so I tried Bumble BFF. If you’re intrigued about it, I would give this a read to see how I got on.

bumble bff

What to follow/download:

Scarlett Curtis included this in her ever-woke column in The Sunday Times Style. Good On You is an app that lets you search fashion brands and it will tell you how ethical they are. Helps you be a bit more fashion conscious with complete transparency, finally!

What to listen to:

The very funny duo, Stevie and Tessa, from the (now defunct, RIP #cry) Debrief podcast have started their own podcast. Horrah! It’s called Nobody Panic podcast, and it basically follows the same premise, schedule and is obviously just as fun and funny as ever, all while soothing the arduous task of being adult. Listen here.

Dolly Alderton’s Love Stories (the Sara Pascoe episode in particular) is on The Good Bits proper, but since then I have listened to the Emma Freud and Marian Keyes episodes. Both incredibly insightful and both made me cry. Lovely women, with lovely stories of love. Listen here.

And that’s all for this week, folks! Not particularly high brow stuff, but I’ve been balls deep in learning about SEO, so some light-hearted (very light) consuming was all that could be managed. TA-TAA AND TOODLE PIP UNTIL NEXT TIME, CHERUBS.

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