The Good Bits: Deadly Fabrics and Home Truths

The Good Bits: Deadly Fabrics and Home Truths

Hello and welcome to the good bits, a round-up of all the best things I’ve found/read/watched/liked/consumed on the internet and beyond this week. Some things make it to The Good Bits proper, but most are things that are prescient, poignant, relatable, informative or entertaining that have stuck with me in passing, which I hope they will for you too.

So here they are:

I love that our world, the way we shop, communicate, think is constantly evolving. This article from The Guardian on why #OOTD is bad for the fashion industry, our economy, our environment and our soul shows that in becoming wise to free returns, we’ve essentially learnt to trick the system to perpetuate fakery and it’s having a detrimental effect on so many businesses and viewers mental health. Bad Instagram.

Kristen Leo is capturing the zeitgeist with her accessible log of living a sustainable life. I’m currently working on an exciting sustainable project and through this has come some seriously eye-opening facts that have frankly made me feel sick. I feel guilty and disgusted at my own ignorance. I thought those living a plastic-free life were quite preachy, but after reading up about it I am fully invested in being more eco-friendly in my day to day. Kristen’s latest video talks about which fabrics are good and bad and what they mean to our planet in a really well-explained, well-informed way. Definitely worth a watch! If you need me, I’ll be thrifting for hemp and delving deep into some documentaries.

Sometimes we need a little tough love. This listicle from Cracked relaying harsh truths to make you a better person really hit home. After becoming freelance, I’ve felt a little bit pointless. I have had doubts and this only solidified some stuff for me, such as ‘you are nothing more than the sum total of your useful skills’. I thought this a mere week ago, which is why it was so poignant. It was written in 2012 and still applies today and it has also made the cut onto the actual Good Bits.

Is anyone regretting their decision to go to uni? For most, it’s the crippling debt and the lack of useful skills mentioned above that have been the most ‘no ragrats’ meme busting, but, for me, it’s been the choice in course. I’ve always thought since leaving uni that it would be far more beneficial for young people today to skip the whole thing and try out a bunch of different avenues to then decide what they want to go into. Well, Emma Rosen did just that. After becoming disillusioned with her job and not knowing what she wanted to do, she took a radical sabbatical and tried 25 jobs before she was 25 and it worked out in her favour. A success story we can learn from and hopefully introduce to a new generation.

What do you think of bulletproof backpacks and clothing for schools in the US? And do you think it was insensitive to use La Roux’s Bulletproof song during the intro? The jury is out.

As someone very loosely in the professional, with an understanding of how tough it can be to ‘make it’ as a journalist, Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal for a tech tax to give journalists decent pay is interesting, but is it viable?

I am here for Elle’s comprehensive A-Z list of easy ways we can be better to the planet. I’m only at F and I’ve already got enough actionable changes to do to make my head reel. Do some, do them all, but let’s try and make the earth better bit by bit.

That’s all this time, folks!

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