The Good Bits: Cher Horowitz and Pen Pals

The Good Bits: Cher Horowitz and Pen Pals

Hello and welcome to the good bits, a round-up of all the best things I’ve found/read/watched/liked/consumed on the internet and beyond this week. Some things make it to The Good Bits proper, but most are things that are prescient, poignant, relatable, informative or entertaining that have stuck with me in passing, which I hope they will for you too.

Fashion Revolution has released their 3rd fanzine on Fashion Environment Change. It includes facts, articles, illustrations and poetry on things like emissions, fake fur and greenwashing. Well worth a read. You can buy it here.

Ever wondered if influencers taking pictures of hidden lagoons and tucked away caves are having an effect on the environment? Racked did and talked about it here.

Their satirical article about how many brands are trying to push Cher Horowitz’ style on us also made me chuckle.

Has anyone seen Netflix’s Follow This? I watched the first episode on ASMR and promptly fell down a brain-tingling Youtube hole. Weird, but satisfying.

When I was younger, I used to have a French pen pal. I’m not sure what she was saying most of the time, but man, could she draw a good picture of an ice cream. I stumbled upon the app, SLOWLY, which lets you write a letter to someone. So old school.

Before you buy that reusable coffee cup thinking you’re saving the planet, read this. 

As someone who wears contacts, I found this article from Red about how to dispose of them without hurting the planet helpful.

This girl asked her ex 29 questions (including “what do you think we lacked in our sex life?”) and I devoured every one.

Comments by celebs is my new favourite thing on Instagram.

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