4 Ways to Make You Realise You’re Doing Great

4 Ways to Make You Realise You’re Doing Great

‘Me? Great? Pshh-tah.’ Is the usual British response to any compliment, self-made claim and/or otherwise.

Self-care can be difficult when you don’t really feel like loving yourself, especially for the less sappy folk among us. It’s easy to get inside your own head and do yourself down. As an expert in being down on yours truly and not giving myself enough credit for anything, I’ve literally had to force myself to find ways of making my subconscious see that, actually, I’m doing bloody great things. And you should too, so here’s how.

Make an achievements list

You rolled your eyes, didn’t you? I did too. An achievements list? Super cringe. Life isn’t an appraisal or a personal statement to bag my first choice at Uni, I hear you say. Stop that, please. Yes, you’ll feel like a four-year-old regaling their 1st successful potty time to Mumma to begin with, but making an achievements list is like making a to-do list that you’ve already done. I’ve seen plenty of entrepreneurs, bloggers and bad-ass career women swear by them. And we all know how great ticking something off a to-do list feels, don’t we?

You can start small, maybe not successful potty time small, but small.

If you learnt how to get an avocado pip out

If you learnt how to spell avocado

If you taught someone else how to get an avocado pip out

These are 3 little achievements that will make you feel like a superhero

I also use Trello. An online list-making platform, where I make lists like ‘Life’ ‘Work’ and ‘Blog’ and create sub-lists such as ‘To Do’ ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’ in each one. As I move my tasks through to the ‘Done’ stage, it’s so satisfying physically seeing this list grow as I smash through my to-dos.

Start sending out appreciation letters/messages

Urm, Emily, this is about making me understand how amazing I am? Just listen. This will not only make you realize how many great people are in your life, but if these people are great too they’ll send over a little appreciation message right back.

Look at old photos/report cards/diaries

It will remind you of your past, let you look back on how amazing your life has been so far. If you don’t have access to these, get your mum/dad/sibling/partner to send you some stories of their favourite memories with you in a proper story time sesh. We don’t reminisce enough.

Acknowledge your independence

Look around your room or house. How many of the things around you did you buy? Those bills you just paid? You paid for them yourself. That avocado you talked about earlier. You bought that, buddy! You go out by yourself, you wash by yourself, you talk to people and hold up a job, all by yourself. Maybe with some emotional help, but still.

We’re always looking for the next stage, moving so quickly we never stop to take stock. Well, in the spirit of living slowly let’s all just step back and give ourselves a virtual thumbs up.

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