The Good Bits: Female Friends and Fyre Festival

The Good Bits: Female Friends and Fyre Festival

It’s been a funny old month. I got a new job, watched Wicked and realised I haven’t done a weekly The Good Bits in 45 years. So, here’s a bit of a bumper post on all the things I’ve been enjoying recently:

Refinery 29 asked women how they made friends as an adult and it gave me some ideas. It’s always nice to make a few more pals, especially doing activities like bouldering and book club.

Another from R29 – Stevie Martin wrote this wonderful piece on being made to feel lazy and unproductive as a late riser. I get my best ideas at 10 pm (aka bedtime) and have written about being a night owl, so this one spoke to me.

I loved this piece by Marisa Bate for The Pool on her last 12 months as a freelancer. The good bits and the hardships.

Harling Ross wrote this piece for on the pressure we put on ourselves to have a good weekend. 

In anticipation of the upcoming release of his novel, I’m inhaling everything by the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant brilliant brilliant Joel Golby. Particularly this piece on the Fyre festival documentary on Netflix. Also, if you watched this documentary and felt sorry for the Bahamian caterer who had to use all her savings to pay back fellow worker, she got it all back thanks to a GoFundMe page.  

Along with the Fyre doco, I’ve watched all of Luther, Gavin and Stacey, The Good Place, You and the new series of Friends from College. I’ve basically completed Netflix. BUT HAVE YOU SEEN SEX EDUCATION THOUGH. Baby Hugo from The Boy in Striped Pyjamas is all grown up and now he gags whenever he gets an erection. The solution? Use what he’s learnt from his sex therapist Mum on his peers. Set against a Breakfast Club, 16 candles, 80s backdrop, this wonderfully comic series is packed full of teenage awkwardness and I love Asa Butterfield now, marry me, k bye.

I’ve also just ordered The Wall by John Lancaster, which looks like a great read if you like dystopia. I like dystopia, so I’m gonna read it. I’ll try and report back.

Small appreciation sentence goes out to my Stojo cup. I love you.

I recently downloaded HappyCow onto my phone the other day and it’s so handy. It locates the nearest vegan and veggie restaurants near you. The interface is so easy to use and the options are plentiful.

If you’re into your sustainability, there are a couple of good Facebook groups I’ve joined recently:

  1. The Slow Fashion Exchange – created by blogger Venetia Falconer, a page to talk all things sustainable fashion
  2. Living Consciously Crew –  another blogger creation, but this time by Zanna Van Dijk. This page encourages discussions about how to live a more eco-friendly life

Speaking of Venetia. I’ve been fawning over her recipes recently. I’m not usually a fan of tofu, but I tried her smoked tofu recipe and it was delish!

If you don’t know the name Greta Thunberg, get on Google, follow her on all the socials and watch her talking about climate change. This Swedish teen activist is making the world listen up to the severity of the situation with her eloquent speeches on the matter. Most recent favourite quote? “I want you to act as if our house is on fire… because it is”.

I can’t wait to get my plastic-hating paws on a mixed fruit and veg selection from Oddbox. This lovely company work with local farmers to source wonky goods that would’ve otherwise gone to waste and post them plastic-free to your door at home or work.

Finally, pretty proud of myself for having done a 1-second video every day for nearly THREE WEEKS. I intend to keep going. Many people I talk to say ‘oh, but my life is too boring to do that’. True, but when thinking back on your life you don’t remember the mundanity, so it’s nice to see these in little snippets.

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