Emily rodgers copywriter - image - girl with long hair smiling black and whiteHello! If you’re here, you did it, you found me! You clever cherub. You waded through all that claggy white noise of the interweb machine and landed your cookies onto my blog plate, horrah!

Who is me? Well, that’s me there, that’s my face. My name is Emily Rodgers. That’s Emily Rodgers the copywriter, not Emily Rodgers the singer. I’m a long woman, somewhere in my mid-20’s, currently residing in London.

And what’s this? Well, the less than pithy premise is to challenge the misconceptions of generalisations and regale the navigations of a life led differently.

Careers, politics, movements, motivation, mental health, fashion, travel, life, love – the lot – we’ve all got different opinions on them. There will never be one definitive answer to how they should be. Trends are more fluid, there’s more acceptance of new age thinking, minorities are being heard more than ever. Different is the new normal. This is a place to perpetuate that this is not only OK but should be celebrated. Seeing the world differently or the world seeing you differently, and always encouraging that there is still so much to learn and then think about the world. There always will be, and that’s really it.

Maybe this is my coming of age, maybe it’s a millennial way of thinking, but I’m also not unbeknownst to the fact that differences have been a ‘thing’ for a really long time. All the best people are different. It’s what makes them spesh. I’ve reached a stage where I am no longer embarrassed of my oddities and have come to love them, so this is my genesis into living a life of outlandish thoughts, different perspectives and not giving a fluff.

You can read more about the story behind the name of this blog here.

If you’d like to say hello, contribute in some way or tell me the meaning of life, great! – You can email me here.