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Why do I need a copywriter?

Some people don’t think that copywriting is important. Do you know what I say to those people?

According to Netcraft, there are over 1.8 billion websites out there right now. This number rises by over 150,000 per day. That’s a lot of copy. And that’s just the web.

You might not notice it a whole lot, but copywriting surrounds you. In the supermarket. At restaurants. It follows you everywhere.

What you’re reading right now?

That’s copywriting. And it’s not easy.

Copywriting needs to persuade the reader in as little as 8 seconds to not only understand what your brand does, but convince them to buy your product. All the while being conversational, an extension of your brand’s ethos and with no grammatical errors.

Can you help me do this?

Turns out, I can. I happen to know a few tricks, you see.

Not many people know, but there are unwritten copywriting rules. I’ll let you in on one: starting with a verb evokes an action in the reader.

I can’t say any more, because if I told you, I’d have to kill you. Well, I wouldn’t, but you wouldn’t have much need for a copywriter.

Through my degree in marketing, my 5 years in the field and my feature writing diploma (E.C.Dip), I’ve picked up plenty of these tricks and I can use their wizardry on your brand.

Ok, so what experience do you have?

Fashion copywriting is my bread and butter. I studied it, I’ve done it for years. I’ve worked with brands like ASOS, Zalando and French Connection. I know the difference between a peak and notch collar, what a yoke is and never EVER say the word ‘trendy’. Your brand’s clothes will feel all kinds of fancy after being written about.

A pen company, luxury jewelers, employee perks supplier and dog accessories brand have all found solace in my writing services. What I’m saying is, I can write to sell for just about anyone. So maybe I could write for you too?

Still not sure? 

My name literally means ‘industrious’ in Latin, and I have the same initials as the Queen, so…

You know what to do…

Let me help your business reach its optimum potential with the power of my copy. If you would like to get in touch, please email me here.

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You can also view my Contently projects here, my Pro Copywriters Network profile here and my Copify profile here.

What my clients say about me:

‘Emily is fun, friendly and easy to work with.  She has a great writing style that she easily tailors to the target audience.  She is able to understand the requirements of the brief, select appropriate products and pull them together in an interesting, informative and engaging way.’ – Marketing Manager, de Gruchy’s department store.

‘Superb work by Emily, the very best content creator I have ever had.’ – Shopping App Founder.

‘Emily was quick to jump into the role and worked quickly and efficiently to help us be ready for our site launch. Not only is she incredibly talented, but her self-starter mentality and flexibility as our company grows through start-up hickups has made her a true asset. We consider Em a part of our team and could not come close to having the content we do without her!’ – Online Coordinator, Cabana Canary