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I have written blog posts for French Connection, Great Plains and Art Oro among others. I have experience writing both SEO and content based posts. Each post always aims to inform the reader with engaging information about the chosen topic.

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Beauty Blog Post: ‘5 Must-have Products for Banishing Blackheads’

Blackheads are one of the biggest beauty banes to date and are infamous for being no easy feat to budge. Whether they’re new to your complexion or an old friend on your face, be prepared to banish them once and for all with our round-up of the must-have products whatever your preferred method, so you can say ciao to blackheads (and blemishes) once and for all.

  1. The Exfoliator – Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel with Green Tea

This is a dirt extracting game-changer. With no abrasive grains it’s no wonder this refreshing pore cleansing powerhouse is the leading blackhead treatment in Asia. Mild enough for sensitive skin but tough enough to combat all types of blemishes – all stubborn blotches will have no choice but to vacate. Living up to its name, it’s no surprise to see green tea extract as the star ingredient, tackling those pesky free radicals, leaving nothing but brightness and the ever-sought after finger-running smooth skin (did we mention it’s anti-aging too?).

  1. The Mask – Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask

It’s a common misconception that mud masks further clog pores. Well, this mask proves the exact opposite. Brimming with bio-minerals it literally draws out impurities, unblocks pores and prevents blackheads. There’s a healthy mix of nourishing ingredients like calcium, iron, vitamins and seaweed to hydrate while the healing power of volcanic ash (!!) and activated charcoal do the rest of the legwork and leave skin completely clear. A mask magnet at your fingertips, Madam.

  1. The Balm – Tonymoly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm

Don’t hover your head over a boiling pan of water just yet. Try this little egg instead. Opening pores easily, this innovative balm acts like a ‘steam’, instantly unclogging and purges dirty pores back to where they came from. Enriched with charcoal powder and protein packed egg yolk extract, vitamin E and exfoliating eggshell powder you’ll be so proud of your new skin you’ll start asking friends if they can see any pores left on your face (clue: the answer will be no).

  1. The Cleanser – CosRx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

A bit of insider knowledge here: blocked pores often cause spots and blemishes (I know, we were shocked too). This master-preventing cleanser works tirelessly (and stealthily) to combat congestion in your skin, using willow bark water to keep it beautifully clear. Apply liberally to blackhead prone zones and watch as the innocuous liquid works its purifying magic.

  1. The All-in-One – Skyn Iceland Clear The Way Kit

If you want to go really go to town on your imperfections then reach for this bundle of flawless skin saviours. This kit will battle breakouts, reduce pores as well as minimize redness. The wipes will remove makeup gently, the lotion will hydrate, the pore minimiser will prime and camouflage blackheads and the blemish dots will soothe inflammation. Use altogether for ultimate pampering or pick individually as and when things start to flare – you’ll always have the perfect solution to hand.