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baume de roseBY TERRY Baume de Rose Body Cream

The signature scent that catapulted the BY TERRY Lip Balm to the top of our love list can now be lathered lusciously all over your skin with this indulgently rich Baume de Rose body cream. The perfect mixture of all the best skin strengthening ingredients connect in a glorious concoction of wax, oil, and balm. Mixed with the classic fresh fragrance of roses, it will not only give your skin a velvety soft feel but leave it smelling delightful, all in one pretty pink pot.

Product description

Senses are soothed as much as your skin as the silken texture and heavenly scent of BY TERRY’s Baume de Rose Body Cream cocoon you in hydrated heaven and relieve any dry patches from their scaly torment. Whether your skin is weathered from the dry winter or just needing a luxury pick-me-up this will be your new go-to cream.

It’s not just the sweet smell that will make you the envy of those in your near vicinity. This clever cream speeds up cell-renewal to firm up your skin and make it look and feel younger. Bonus: the blended extracts of black rose and pastel rose are packed with repairing antioxidants and fatty acids to top up any nourishment needed.

fairy drops brow wow wow liner

Fairydrops Brow Wow Wow Liner

Painting on brows (especially when you’re already late) can be a little daunting. Well worry no more with this latest launch from Fairydrops *cue party popper emoji*. The brand behind Japan’s best-selling mascara has worked their magic onto our favourite face feature with the Brow Wow Wow Liner. Unleash your inner eyebrow artist – the ultra-thin (and fool proof) felt nib allows you to fill-in sparse arches or sweep on little hairs with precision. Killer brows just got a whole lot easier (and sassier).

Product description

Unlike other felt brow pens, the Brow Wow Wow Liner liquid formula won’t dry out and stays moisturised to be on hand for your brow needs. Two shade options make sure you’re colour matched. For blondes and red-heads go with Nude Brown and for darker hair Nude Brunette it is. The sheer colour pigment results in your most natural looking brow. Start small for a simple look or add some striking definition with a build-up of feathery strokes.

When the heaven’s open (or if a little mopping is needed after a brief jog to catch the bus), don’t fret. Its waterproof formula protects from any smudging and won’t move, so there’s no top ups needed. Your eyebrows may not be twins, but they’ll be better sisters thanks to this pen.